wavlink wifi extender setup

Wavlink AC2100 Setup

You can have the Wavlink AC2100 extender setup with the aid of this guide. An outdoor dual-band wireless range extender is the Wavlink AC2100. It has a strong amplifier built in to remove dead zones in your area. It allows 5G and 2.4G wireless network connections to be made at the same time, with transmission rates of up to 2100 Mbps. Automatically and intelligently choose a more suitable frequency band for your operation, one with reduced interference and faster speeds. The Wavlink AC2100 has a long range extender and repeating ability. This makes using a repeater, router, and access point possible.

Wavlink AC2100 Extender Setup-Manual Button

  • When the Wavlink AC2100 Extender is plugged in, watch for the power LED to set.
  • To get the LED to blink, press and hold the manual button on the extender for five seconds.
  • Link the device to the “Wavlink_EXT” WiFi network on the extender.
  • Enter “ap.setup” in the address bar of an open web browser.
  • To finish the setup, follow the instructions shown on the screen.


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Wavlink AC2100 WN583A6 Extender Setup-WPS Button

  • Start by positioning your Wavlink wifi extender near the router.
  • Switch the Wavlink AC2100 on.
  • Let the LED light get all the way green and stable.
  • It is recommended that you enable WPS on both your router and AC2100.
  • Now a green light will flash.
  • It may take a few seconds for your extender and your home wifi router to properly sync.


Wavlink AC2100 Login

  • Link the device to the WiFi network of the Wavlink AC2100 Extender.
  • Put “” into the address bar of an open web browser.
  • Type in the standard login credentials, which are often “admin” for both.
  • Press “Enter” or click “Login” to open the admin interface.
  • Now that you’re signed in, you may adjust the Wavlink AC2100 Extender’s settings.


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Wavlink AC2100 WiFi Extender Firmware Update

  1. Start your web browser.
  2. Please enter wifi.wavlink.com in the URL field.
  3. Enter your login password in each field.
  4. Click the login sign to log in.
  5. After that, install the most recent firmware version for the Wavlink AC2100.
  6. Once finished, click the setup button.
  7. Once the firmware has been updated, your extender will reboot.

How do you reset the Wavlink AC2100?

  • Turn on your smart device to get started.
  • To connect your Wavlink AC2100 and router, use an Ethernet cable.
  • Check for the reset button hole on the back of the AC2100.
  • To reset your router, press and hold the reset button for a brief period of time.
  • Put a sharp pin or similar object into the hole for the reset button.
  • Stay there for eight to ten seconds.
  • You will find this article to be very helpful in resetting your Wavlink AC2100 extender.