wavlink wifi extender setup

Wavlink AC1300 Setup

It’s easy with your Wavlink AC1300 setup. Connecting the device to your modem or router and inserting it into an electrical outlet is the first step. Next, enter the default IP address listed in the user manual to access the Wavlink setup interface via a web browser. To adjust your network settings and set up a secure Wi-Fi network, follow the on-screen instructions. Once finished, you may enjoy high-speed internet access across your house or place of business by connecting your devices to the newly established network.

Wavlink AC1300 Setup

Wavlink AC1300 Extender Setup- WPS

When the Wavlink AC1300 extender is plugged in, watch for the power LED to solidify.

  • The WPS LED on the extender will flash after five seconds of pressing and holding the WPS button.
  • Press your router’s WPS button within two minutes.
  • Hold off until the extender’s WPS LED solidifies, indicating a successful connection.
  • Using the given credentials, join the extender’s WiFi network.
  • To finish the setup, use a web browser and adhere to the on-screen steps.


Wavlink AC1300 Wifi Extender Setup-Manual Method

  • Wait for the Wavlink AC1300 extender to power up after connecting it.
  • Connect your device to the Wi-Fi network of the extender.
  • Enter “ap.setup” in the address bar of an open web browser.
  • Enter the default information, admin/admin, to log in.
  • To change the extender parameters, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Reconnect to your main Wi-Fi network after setup to get more coverage.


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Login Wavlink AC1300 Wifi Range Extender

Login Wavlink AC1300 Wifi Range Extender
  • Create a connection with the Wavlink AC1300 extender’s default Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter “ap.setup” in the address bar of an open web browser.
  • To access the setup interface, enter “admin” for both the password and username.
  • To change your extender’s settings, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Customise the password and SSID for your network.
  • Reconnect your devices to the expanded Wi-Fi network after setting them up for better coverage.


Wavlink AC1300 Extender Firmware Update

  • Open the web interface of the extender.
  • Find the area that updates the firmware.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s website and download the most recent firmware.
  • To the extender, upload the firmware file.
  • For the update to finish, restart the extender.

Wavlink AC1300 Reset Process

  • You have to find the Wavlink AC1300’s reset button.
  • Press the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • As soon as the power LED begins to blink, release the reset button.
  • After the extender has restarted, change the settings as needed.