wavlink wifi extender setup

Wavlink WING 12M Extender setup

One of the greatest signal extenders Wavlink Wing AC1200 12m Setup now on the market is this one.These extenders’ 2.4 GHz CPUs enable them to deliver data at rates of up to 300 Mbps. This makes them a perfect choice for any modem.The best examples are from Wavlink’s Wing AC1200 12m series.

All of your electrical devices, such as Alexa, desktop and laptop computers, Roku players, cellphones, and more, are easy to connect to using the Wing AC1200 12m. You can therefore use it anyway you want, whether it be to watch expensive movies or play online games.

Wavlink WING 12M Extender setup

Wavlink WING 12M installation

Installation for The Wing AC1200 12m Range Extender:

  • Connect the wireless devices to the Wing Extender.
  • To launch the browser, type ap.setup or the IP address
  • For access to the setup page, log in using the default username and password.
  • The repeater looks around for any warnings.
  • Click it to select the WiFi network at your residence.
  • After setting the WiFi setup, click Next.
  • Before connecting your amplifier to your home network, wait 30 seconds.
  • Now the installation of the Wing 12m Extender devices is complete.
  • To boost connectivity, put the extender adjacent to the area without internet.
Wavlink WING 12M installation using manual method

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Wavlink WING 12M setup via manual method

Wavlink WING 12M setup using wps method

To connect to the manual setup page for the Wing 12m wifi extender:

  • The Wing 12m extender must be inserted into the outlet after the package has been opened.
  • Press the power button as soon as the power LED light goes green.
  • Now join the Ap extender setup _Ext network with your WiFi device.
  • In any active web browser, type Ap.setup.
  • You are now on the setup page for the Wavlink Wing 12m Ac1200.
  • After creating your account, go through the AP Login steps.

How to setup a Wing 12m extender with wps?

To Wavlink Wing ac1200 setup according by the following instructions:

  • Place the extra cable next to the primary wifi modem or router as a first step.
  • The Wavlink wireless extender is working right now.
  • then watch for an important green power boost to occur.
  • To turn on the extender power light, press the W.P.S button.
  • Click the W.P.S symbol on the modem or router now.
  • Your extender and router’s green light is blinking.
  • Allow 1-2 minutes for the extender and home wifi to connect.
wps setup for Wavlink WING 12M

How do I login the wavlink Wing ac1200 extender?

  • You can start using a web browser if you want.
  • Instead, use the Wavlink Wing 12m Extender’s IP address, which is
  • Because ap.setup allows users to provide their login and password here, all users are managers.
  • Checking the options will be simple for you after that.


wavlink wifi extender setup